Color-Sep Silk Screen Inc.


At COLOR-SEP screen printing we understand the impact of an image. A simple message screen printed across the front of a t-shirt can become the defining catch phrase of a generation. A drawing scribbled on a notepad can come to embody the very essence of a brand. We partner with our customers to ensure the truest and finest interpretation of their vision. We approach each project with three defining words in mind: CREATIVITY , QUALITY & SERVICE.



Color-sep Silk Screen Inc. is a new company that has a team with over 15 years experience in the textile industry .   Our operators understand what it takes to print on all types of apparel and keep the image looking sharp throughout the run.


Our artists are well versed in designing and separating all types of artwork no matter how complex. We use a specialized printer for all of our color separations. With this printer, our separations are printed on clear plastic film, which guarantees perfect registration and clarity on every print.


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